Two collections of short stories are now digital.  One is: The Cashmere Sweater and Other Stories. It’s the first stuff I’ve written about childhood, I mean, the main characters are actually all children.  It’s on Kindle, and the other digital formats.   The other is The Beautiful Couple and Other Stories.    The opening first few pages of the title story are excerpted in the new anthology called 27 Views of Chapel Hill,   which has just come out this month(Sept. 2011.)           (click jacket illustrations to enlarge).


Silk Hope, The Night of the Weeping Women, A Southern Tragedy, The Cashmere Sweater, and The Longest Mobile Home in the Blue Ridge Mountains) as well as The Beautiful Couple are now Kindle and Nook and option-4-copy.jpgotherwise digital reader books.

Below is the table of contents of The Longest Mobile Home in the Blue Ridge Mountains,…… which speaks for itself.

The Last Southern Novel*                               *


                     The Longest Mobile Home in the Blue Ridge Mountains


The Events:

#1 Things Begin to Go Wrong Right Away

#2  Cheez Doodles      

#3  The Good Son  

#4  Fight Club Med

#5  No Off Switch   

#6 When Pigs Fly, It’s Usually Coach     

#7 Two Men, Two Women, Two Rifles and Two Cars    

#8 Shooting Cats   

#9 Eli’s Thumb    

#10 Nostalgic Car Repair   

#11 The Longest Mobile Home in the Blue Ridge Mountains        

#12 And Then They Ate    

#13 A Carport in a Storm     

#14 Side by Side   

#15 We Have Met the Enema and It Is Mine    

#16 Funny White People       

#17 Grand Theft Ida    

#18 “O.J. Simpson Spotted in North Carolina Mountains—Picking Cotton!”    

#19 Big Tires and Big Hair     

#20 Jimral Falls in Love  

#21 Tricks With Trucks     

#22 Jimral’s Zoot Suit

#23 Home is Where the Truck Is

#24 That Darvon Moment

#25 “Mountain Man’s Truck Victim of Wife Gone Wild: Exclusive Photos Inside”

#26 Transformation and Redemption

#27 Mr. and Mrs. Frisbee

#28 The Inner Ida

#29 Yep

#30 “I Reckon I Can Speak for Myself”