Books and Excerpts

The Night of the Weeping Women is my first novel. It came out in 1988. Morgan Entrekin bought it for Atlantic Monthly Press. It’s about a woman I was close to a long time ago, and it’s kind of like……….more

Rootie Kazootie is my second novel. It was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, in 1990. It’s my favorite book for tragicomic fun. I kind of fell in love with the main character, Caroline……….more

Taller Women is my third novel. It was published in 1992. This is a book I always said was the literary, on the page, version of the art form called, Super Realism where………..more

Silk Hope, NC is my fourth novel. I wanted to call it just Silk Hope, but marketing at Harcourt said it sounded like a romance ……more

A Plan for Women is my fifth novel. The title was meant to say that men used to(do they still?) have a plan for the women in their life, a complex plan that involved women……….more

A Southern Tragedy is my sixth novel. It was published in 2005. It’s about the Hamlet, North Carolina, chicken plant fire of 1991, where 26 people died because the owners……….more